Everyone can suffer from «Bromodosis» AKA Smelly, sweaty, and cheesy feet. We mere mortals have bacteria that live and breathe our feet!  If you suffer from this problem, read on to find out all possible smelly feet causes and even the reasons that probably never came across your mind as to what makes your feet smell to high heaven!

Smelly Feet Causes

Being stressed out

It goes without saying that you sweat more when you’re all edgy and worked up. Surprisingly enough, you can prevent stinky feet when you keep cool! So don’t worry your pretty little..toe!

Forget to cut your fingernails

Yes ! Poor hygiene causes smelly feet, in fact when you don’t trim your fingernails, bacteria feast on your feet and you end up having strong stenches.

Bad diet

Yeah! Living off junk-food and other stuff which lack nutrients leads to poor health! Yeah, there is definitely a correlation between your feet and your diet, in fact, we are what we eat!

Eat healthy, this will keep your footsies smell wonderful!

Whimsical hormones

Hormones play a huge part in our body. They keep on changing according to our mood and health condition. In fact, Teenagers and pregnant women are more prone to having smelly feet because of shifts in their hormones.

Wearing synthetic fabrics

Wearing lots of synthetic fabrics makes you sweat more as synthetic doesn’t take in moisture. Instead you should wear cotton as it puts moisture away and is very sweat-wicking so it keeps your footsies as fresh as a daisy!

Another reason why your feet give off that stench is wearing the same socks and shoes every day, so it is totally fine to make sacrifices at the price of your fave kicks! You should also take care of your shoes and socks and make sure to keep them fresh and squeaky-clean

Now that you’re no longer in the dark about all the underlying reasons behind cheesy feet, make sure to keep your footsies fresh, clean and pampered!