Who has never been ashamed to take off his shoes at a store? Who has ever hated these new sneakers because they started to smell bad? Even if the subject is not necessarily glamorous, unpleasant odors in shoes are a daily problem. We explain everything to help you remove odors from your shoes!

In life, we always have some small inconveniences. Our toast falling on the wrong side, the dress of our dreams is sold out on Asos and your favorite pair of sneakers no longer feels good.

You are right, these problems are not serious but they are enough to make us a little uncomfortable. No worries! For your dress, we advise you to go see our selection of the best short dresses and as for your shoes, we give you all our solutions to eliminate bad smells.

remove odor from shoes

Some shoes retain more perspiration than others. And as nobody can control it, it happens that your sneakers, your compensated sneakers, your moccasins, etc. give off a nauseating odor.

Nothing serious, just adopt the right tips!

Bad odors in shoes: talc to eliminate them

No, talcum is not only used on baby’s buttocks! Thanks to its absorbent formula, it is ideal to eliminate moisture and prevent odors from settling in your favorite shoes.

You can slip some in your shoes before wearing or put some talc on your arch. With that, you may have a little white feet, but you are sure to avoid the odors in your white sneakers!

Baking soda

Like talc, baking soda helps absorb perspiration and moisture from the shoes. To make it act, simply spread a spoon of powder on your shoe sole and let rest all night. The next morning, goodbye bad smells and hello cool shoes!

Lavender to eliminate odors

Thanks to its very pronounced scent, lavender is an ideal plant to perfume your shoes. Place a few sprigs of lavender in your shoes and let stand overnight.

Do not hesitate to make a small pouch of lavender flowers and place it every night in your closed shoes.

Citrus fruits

Like lavender, the zest and skin of citrus (lemon, orange and grapefruit) are very effective in eliminating odors in shoes.

Get the skins of these fruits and put them at the bottom of your shoes. Your shoes smell clean!

Tea to remove odors from shoes

And yes, tea is a real miracle to eliminate the smell of your trendy shoes. Attention, we are talking here about tea bag not used, obviously.

As for lavender, put your bags in each of your shoes for an entire night. The next morning, your shoes are like new!

Shoe deodorants

In pharmacy or supermarkets, you will find specialized products in shoe hygiene.

You can choose a spray to use inside your sneakers before or after wearing them. With that, you’re sure to never be afraid to take off your shoes at a girlfriend’s or store!

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The soles of shoes

The real problem of your shoes is often the soles, because they are the ones that retain perspiration, bacteria and therefore bad odors.

To prevent your shoes from starting to feel, you should simply change the sole regularly. You can also replace them with specific insoles, specialized in the absorption of perspiration. If your soles do not come off, simply place them on top.