Sweat is the pet peeve of many parts of our body. Probably our feet suffer most of this problem. In case of heavy and abnormal sweating also called hyperhidrosis, don’t get embarrassed and hide at your place, follow our pieces of advice and to hell with sweaty cheesy feet!

Stop your Feet from Sweating

How to Stop your Feet from Sweating

Here are a few easy and foolproof tips to stop your feet from sweating like crazy:

  1. Wash your feet DAILY! We all get lazy and dog-tired after a grueling day at school or work, but getting out of our cozy bed to wash our feet is a must to stop sweat!
  2. Make sure to dry your feet after washing them as fresh and dry feet scare bacteria away!
  3. Make sure to wear friendly fabrics such as cotton or merino wool! Avoid nylon as it restricts your feet from living and breathing, literally!
  4. Avoid extra hot spicy food as they can make you sweat all over your body, including your tootsies!
  5. Sprinkle some baby powder in your shoes and feet, easy, simple and perfect for all couch potatoes out there, if you don’t have any baby powder, go to your kitchen and grab some cornstarch!
  6. Spray some deodorant on your feet! Surprisingly enough, Antiperspirants are not just for underarms!
  7. Don’t wear tight shoes as they don’t leave room for your feet to breathe! Wear breathable shoes and keep your feet as fresh as a daisy
  8. Another simple step you can do at home and wherever you go is drinking water! Yes, staying hydrated regulates our body temperature and reduce sweat and thus bacteria doesn’t thrive in our body!

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These methods are tried and tested, however if the problem persists and you feel that your feet sweat profusely, home solutions won’t be of a great help so make a beeline to your doctor!