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  • Natural and Safe. It uses essential oils with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to safely remove shoe odor.
  • Eliminates Odor. The essential oils it uses kill odor causing bacteria and fungi to help prevent athlete’s feet.
  • Maximum Strength. This smelly feet product provides maximum strength, eliminating the toughest odors.
  • MADE IN THE USA. Proudly manufactured in the United States.

I am myself also one of the people that are highly satisfied with this food odor eliminator spray. I’ve tested before other smelly feet products but none of them were efficient like Lumi Shoe deadorizer.

Amazon Reviews – What Other People Said About this Foot Odor Eliminator

Awesome product for being all natural. it does what it says. it removes odor and not cover it up. i used it in my sneakers and smell was gone left behind a pleasant minty scent. definitely will buy again UPDATE: my first bottle fell and when i would spray it the oil would leak out. this new bottle is much better because i think the other one was missing of the ingredients the smell of peppermint oil was the strongest one. this bottle killed the bacteria the other didn’t the insoles where still dark in certain spots the next morning all most all of it was gone. don’t get me wrong i was very satisfied with other bottle because nothing else worked
Eric Lane, Amazon Reviews
This formula is amazing and smells great!!! To me it smells like a lemon/eucalyptus blend similar to an essential oil I use for my diffuser…I have used it on 3 pair of shoes in the texas heat that were pretty stinky but new…My shoes get wet when I water my garden…I even used it as a room air freshner…1 spray does it!!! I will be re-purchasing this spray…A Winner for Stinky!!!
This spray WORKS! From a flat-wearing office slave, to a warehouse manager who’s always on his feet – this spray does its job of eliminating the stinky feet smell from shoes/sneakers/boots AND when you come out of the shower and spray it between your damp toes and let it air dry… its like magic, no more stinky feet! The spray has a strong,herb-y,menthol-y smell to it.
LUZ REYES, Amazon Reviews
This is the first time I am writing review about the stuff I bought from Amazon. I decided to do that since this product passed my expectations. I’ve got sweaty feet and no matter how much I washed my shoes and how careful I was to wear clean socks, they were still smelling and It was so embarrassing, in a way that sometime I even decided to through them away, even though they were not old, and get new ones. Since I get this product, and it works perfectly, all the bad smell is gone and now my shoes smell like a fresh mint and I love this smell, even sometimes I feel like they smell like an original one. My big problem has been solved thanks to this product. Now that I am in love with this smell, I use it everywhere, to freshen up my home air, in a garbage cabinet, in my restroom, and I defiantly will buy it again once it is finished. I highly recommend it.
Amazon Customer, Amazon Reviews
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