Smelly feet in winter? Well, locked up all day in socks and shoes, our feet do not always feel good in the winter. This confined environment favors the proliferation of bacteria. Here we’re listing the best remedies to get rid of these odors and limit perspiration of the feet.

smelly feet in Winter

Do you think that summer, with its lot of sweat, dirt on the street and open sandals, is the worst season for your feet? Your socks (and your nose) are probably not sharing the same opinion. Indeed, when the season is refreshing, the feet tend to feel worse than usual: the fault of shoes and socks.

Closing our feet and preventing them from breathing and drying in the air increases the humidity, hence the proliferation of bacteria. The bad smells of feet come from these microscopic organisms that live on the skin and feed on the compounds that are in our perspiration. Some of them release acids whose smell is reminiscent of a damaged cheese.

Sweaty Feet: Top Remedies to Prevent them

Just as some synthetic fiber garments promote perspiration and bacteria build-up, so do socks. Opt for cotton or wool materials, which absorb moisture, and do not hesitate to change them once or twice a day if the problem of smell is very strong. By limiting the proliferation of bacteria, you reduce the fungal infections and infections of the feet.

To fight against moisture in shoes, you can also:

– Use anti fungal powders (against fungi) to put in the shoes every night;
– Buy antiperspirant soles and change every three to six months.

Strengthening the immune system by adopting a healthy lifestyle can also help you to sweat less.

Natural Remedies for Smelly Feet

Some natural products can help you deodorize feet and shoes:

  • Apple cider vinegar, anti fungal and antibacterial: put half a glass in a basin of water for a foot bath anti-odor of fifteen minutes.
  • The essential oil of tea tree, especially known for its anti fungal properties: in foot bath, pour a few drops in a basin of hot water, leave to act for fifteen minutes. Another solution: dilute some drops in a little vegetable oil and apply this mixture on your feet.
  • Baking soda: sprinkle a tablespoon in each shoe, let stand overnight, then shake each shoe to remove the product.